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Infrastructure as Code in Javascript

Deploy, Visualize, Destroy Cloud Resources

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Define your cloud infrastructure in Javascript.

Deploy, destroy and list resources on various clouds.

Share and compose infrastructure.

Automatic resource dependencies management.


Predictable deployment.

Stop paying for ununsed resources. Re-deploy them when necessary

Create various deployment stages: production, uat, test, etc ...


Use Javascript, a true programming language, no more YAML or Domain Specific language.

Easy to add new resources or new cloud providers.

Robust against cloud service providers API failures.

Open Source.

Infrastructure file

Simple example of a virtual machine deployed on Google Cloud:

See more examples

Visualize the resources

The gc graph command displays a graph of the infrastructure showing the dependencies between resources.


GruCloud Command Line Interface

Use the gc command line interface to deploy and destroy the infrastructure:

Visit the GruCloud CLI documentation