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Automatically Generate Infrastructure Code

Visualize, Deploy, Destroy Cloud Resources

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Generate Javascript code from live infrastructures.

Deploy, destroy and list resources on various clouds.

Share and compose infrastructure.

Automatic resource dependencies management.


Skip manually coding your infrastructure.

Stop paying for ununsed resources. Re-deploy them when necessary.

Predictable deployment.

Create various deployment stages: production, uat, test, etc ...


Use Javascript, a true programming language, no more YAML or Domain Specific language.

Easy to add new resources or new cloud providers.

Robust against cloud service providers API failures.

Open Source.

Generate code from a live infrastructure.

Manually writing infrastructure code is time consuming and require expertise. The code generation feature frees you from this tedious task.

The gc gencode command fetches the current state of the infrastructure and generate the resources.js file.

Visualize the resources

The gc list --graph command displays a graph of the live infrastructure showing the dependencies between resources.


Visualize as a mindmap

The gc tree command displays a mindmap resources types.


GruCloud Command Line Interface

Use the gc command line interface to deploy and destroy the infrastructure:

Visit the GruCloud CLI documentation

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