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The gc command line interface is a short for GruCloud. It is a node js application which can be installed with npm

npm i -g @grucloud/core

Now check that gc is installed correctly:

Usage: gc [options] [command]
-V, --version output the version number
-i, --infra <file> infrastructure default is iac.js
-j, --json <file> write result to a file in json format
-h, --help display help for command
info Get Information about the current project
init|i Initialise the cloud providers
uninit|u Un-initialise the cloud providers
plan|p [options] Find out which resources need to be deployed or destroyed
run|r [options] Run the hooks
apply|a [options] Apply the plan, a.k.a deploy the resources
destroy|d [options] Destroy the resources
list|l [options] List the resources
output|o [options] Output the value of a resource
help [command] display help for command