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New Project

The new commands create an empty project for AWS, Azure and GCP.

Command Options#

gc help new
Usage: gc new [options]
Create a new project
-h, --help display help for command



Flowchart for creating a new AWS project:


Example of the CLI output:

✔ Cloud Provider › AWS
✔ Project's name … my-project
✓ aws --version
✓ aws sts get-caller-identity --region us-east-1
✓ aws ec2 describe-regions --region us-east-1
✓ aws configure get region
✔ Select a region › us-east-1
✓ aws configure set region us-east-1
cd /Users/joe/my-project
npm install


Flowchart for creating a new Azure project:


Example of the CLI output:

✔ Cloud Provider › Azure
✔ Project's name … az-test
✓ az version
✓ az account show
✓ az account list
✔ Select the Subscription Id › e012cd34-c794-4e35-916f-f38dcd8ac45c
✓ az ad sp create-for-rbac -n sp1
✓ az account list-locations
✔ Select a location › brazilsouth
Writing environment variables TENANT_ID, SUBSCRIPTION_ID, APP_ID and PASSWORD to /Users/fredericheem/test/az-test/auth.env
cd /Users/fredericheem/test/az-test
npm install


Flowchart for creating a new GCP project:


Example of the CLI output:

✔ Cloud Provider › GCP
✔ Project's name … mygcp
✓ gcloud version
✓ gcloud auth list
✓ gcloud config get-value project
✓ gcloud projects list
✔ Select the project Id › grucloud-test
✓ gcloud config set project grucloud-test
✓ gcloud config get-value compute/region
✓ gcloud compute regions list
✔ Select the region › southamerica-east1
✓ gcloud config set compute/region southamerica-east1
✓ gcloud config get-value compute/zone
✓ gcloud compute zones list
✔ Select the zone › southamerica-east1-b
✓ gcloud config set compute/zone southamerica-east1-b
cd /Users/joe/test/mygcp
npm install