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List Resources

The list commands lists the live resources.

Command Options#

gc help list
Usage: gc list|l [options]
List the live resources
-g, --graph create an SVG representation of the live infrastructure
-a, --all List also read-only resources
-n, --name <value> List by name
--id <value> List by id
-o, --our List only our managed resources
--default-exclude Exclude the default resources, i.e VPC and Subnet
-e, --types-exclude <value> Exclude by type, multiple values allowed
-d, --canBeDeleted display resources which can be deleted, a.k.a non default resources
-p, --provider <value> Filter by provider, multiple values allowed
-t, --types <value> Include by type, multiple values allowed
-h, --help display help for command


Produce a diagram depicting the lives resources and their associations.

gc list --graph


The all option also display list-only resources which are resources not created/deleted by this application. For instance the AWS KeyPair resource is a considered as list-only.

gc list --all


The name option lists the resource given its name:

gc list --name web-server


The id option lists the resource given its id:

gc list --name ewBMe9BLC


The types option lists the resources filtering by types

gc list --types Server

The types option is repeatable:

gc list --types Server --types SecurityGroup


The --types-exclude option excludes one or more types:

gc list --graph --types-exclude Certificate --types-exclude Route53Domain --types-exclude NetworkInterface


The our option only list resources deployed by this application

gc list --our


The canBeDeleted option only lists resources that can be deleted by this application. For instance, the default AWS VPC for instance cannot be deleted and will not show up with this option.

gc list --canBeDeleted


The --default-exclude option excludes the default resources such as VPC, subnet and security group.

gc list --default-exclude


The provider option only lists resources for a given provider

gc list --provider=aws