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Azure Getting Started

Let's create a simple infrastructure with the following resources:

Install the GruCloud CLI#

Install the grucloud command line utility: gc

npm i -g @grucloud/core

Create a new project#

Use the new command to create a new project:

gc new
? Cloud Provider › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯ Azure - Microsoft Azure

Select Azure as the cloud provider.

✔ Cloud Provider › Azure
? Project's name ›

Enter the project's name, for instance my-project

The directory my-project will be created with all the necessary files for an Azure project.


List the available resources and display a diagram with:

gc list --graph

## Generate the code

gc gencode

The file resource.js will be updated according the live insfrastructure.


To find out which resources are going to be allocated.

gc plan

The plan should be empty at this stage.


Time to destroy the resouces allocated:

gc destroy


The instructure can be deployed with the apply command.

gc apply