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Aws Getting Started

This tutorial explains the code generation from a live infrastructure. Instead of manually coding the infrastructure, GruCloud automatically creates the infrastructure as code.



AWS Requirements#

  • AWS Account
  • Access and Secret Key

AWS Account#

Ensure access to the Amazon Console and create an account if necessary.


Ensure the AWS CLI is installed and configured:

aws --version

If not, visit

Access and Secret Key#

Visit the security credentials

  • Click on Access key (access key ID and secret access key).
  • Click on the button Create New Access Key.

Write down the AWSAccessKeyId and AWSSecretKey

In a further episode, the access and secret key will be obtained from a dedicated IAM user with the correct role and policy.

Getting the GruCloud CLI#

This chart describes the way to install gc, the GruCloud CLI:


GruCloud is written in Javascript running on Node.js. Check if node is present on your system

node --version

The version must be greater than 14

Install the GrucCloud command-line utility gc with npm

npm i -g @grucloud/core

Check the current version of gc:

gc --version

Create a new project#

The new command guides you on how to create and configure a new project.


Below is the screencast of gc new:

The boilerplate project is now created and configured.

List the live resources#

Visualize your current infrastructure with the list command:

gc list --graph


Generate the code#

gc gencode

The live resources will be fetched and the code generated in resource.js. A diff between the current file and the new one is displayed.

Target Graph#

The graph command creates a dependency graph of the target resources:

gc graph

Resource mind map#

Given the target resources defined in resources.js, let's generate a mindmap of the target resources by group and type.

gc tree



To update the infrastructure, either use the AWS console and run gc gencode, or modify directly the file resource.js. Once done, use the apply command to update the infrastructure:

gc apply


Resources can be destroyed in the right order with the destroy command:

gc destroy